About Secondary Emails
CareMonkey administrators have the option of entering a secondary email for each care profile to provide notifications to a second parent/guardian.

The types of email notifications sent to the secondary email address are:

  • An initial email informing them that the organisation is requesting a profile from the Profile Owner, and they have been added as a secondary email.
  • An email every time an eForm is sent out informing them that a response to an eForm regarding their child is required in CareMonkey.
    NOTE: If an eForm has an attached document, the owner of the secondary email address will not see the document not unless he/she has access to the profile.)

Emails will be sent to this secondary email address for notification purposes only. This person will NOT be able to view or edit the Care Profile or view and respond to eForms (including attachments) unless the Profile Owner grants access. Instructions for the Profile Owner to provide such access can be found here.

Adding a Secondary Email

Adding a secondary email to profiles can be done during the import process by having a column for "Secondary Email" in the spreadsheet, and marking it as such during the "Select Columns" step of the import process. For a step-by-step of the import process, please see here.

If you wish to add a secondary email to an existing profile, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the three horizontal lines icon in a profile you wish to add the secondary email address to.

2. Click on the View/Edit Profile Request button.

3. Enter the desired address into the Secondary email address for notification only field.  

4. Click Save.

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