This article will show you how to send emails to all members in a particular Group or eForm or to a collection of individual profiles that you can select manually.

1. Sending an email to a group

2. Sending an email to the eForm recipients

3. Sending an email to the Care Profiles

4. FAQs


1. Hover your mouse over the group icon and click the menu icon. Choose View/Edit Group Details.

2. On the left side of the next page, click Send Email.

3. On the left side, you can choose to send the emails to either "All", "Profile Received", "Profile Pending" or "Custom". Regardless of the filter option you'll choose, you'd be able to select which profiles you'd like to send the email to. 


  • Tick the box "Unique (only send once for parents with multiple members)" so that parents who are managing more than one profiles will only receive the email once.
  • To ensure that the secondary email added on the profile will also receive the email that you are sending, tick the box for "Send to Secondary Contact".

4. Type the Subject and your message, add an attachment if there's one, and then click Preview once done.

5. Click Send.

NOTE: If you click on Cancel, it will not go back to where you can edit the message. You will have to start again.


1. Click the menu icon on an eForm.

2. Click Send Email on the left-hand side menu.

3. Follow the steps #3 - #5 in the "Sending an email to a group" section.


1. Tick the profiles to highlight them. You can also click on Actions > Select All Profiles on the upper left side of the page. A profile that has been selected will turn green.

2. Once you have selected the members you want to send the email to, click the Actions > Email Selected Profiles.

3. Follow the steps #3 - #5 in the "Sending an email to a group" section.


Q. What file formats are accepted?
A. All file types are supported; however email clients will typically filter out certain file types such as .exe.

Q. Is there a file size limit?
A. No, however different email clients have different size restrictions, so aim to keep file sizes small.

Q. Can I send the email once to a carer with multiple members in our organisation?
A. Yes, by ticking on the "Unique (only send once for parents with multiple members)" box prior to looking at the preview of the email. This is very useful when sending newsletters. 

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