Setting up an appointment in eForms can easily be done using the CareMonkey Group Admin pages. Administrators can use this feature if they need the Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) to go attend an event with different slots and a limited number of attendees. 

Below are the instructions.

1. On the admin page, click on Add under eForm.

 2. Choose Start from a built-in eForm template and Choose Parent Teacher Interviews - sample. A sample eForm will be shown that you can edit.

3. Edit the title of your appointment. In the sample below, we'll use Performance Evaluation of Class 9 Students.

5. Leave the eForm type as Unsigned Custom Form

6. Enter the description in the first box (Description of this excursion or request).

7. If there's an attachment you need the profile owner to review prior to the appointment, use the Attachment for User button. If you need to attach more than one file, just click again on it again.

8. Edit the date and time slots by clicking on the calendar icon.

9. Edit the allowed number of attendees for the slot.

10. Delete the other slots by clicking the X mark, but please leave the "I/we will NOT be attending" to allow profile owners to choose this option if they're not available.

11. Use the textbox option if you need the profile owner to indicate other information they need you to discuss during the appointment. Leave the Required? option as unchecked to allow the profile owners to continue with the form without filling this box.

12. Click "Save eForm".

13. The next page will show you the Settings of the eForm. Click Enabled and then Save and Preview.

13. Click on Home on the upper right side of the page to go back to the Home Page.

14. Drag and drop the group to the newly created eForm. Once done, the system will start sending the emails.

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