Notification emails will be sent to Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) based on how the eForm's Frequency of Reminder Emails was set up. This can be changed to Disabling Emailing after the first email has been sent out.

The steps below will stop sending follow-up email notifications to the care profile owners.

1. Check if the first email has been sent by checking the members' (i.e. students, club members, participants, employees, etc.) Audit Trail

2. Click on the three horizontal lines icon on a profile.

3. Click View Audit Trail on the left side of the menu. For this example, we will be looking at December 2015 Camping eForm to be used.

4. Click on the subject of the email under the Subject column.

5. Open the email that has been sent and verify if it's the correct eForm. Click Cancel to go back to go to the main page.

6. Look for the eForm under the eForms section and click the three horizontal lines.

7. Go to the Settings tab.

8. In the Frequency of reminder Emails section, select Disable All Emailing (including first request).

9. Click on Save and Preview at the lower right side.

10. Click on Next and Done at the lower right side of the succeeding pages. 

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