This article contains the step-by-step instructions on how an administrator can sort members whom the eForm was sent to into their groups. 

1. An eForm should be already created beforehand (example: Sample eForm)

2. Select and drag the profiles into the eForm. You can manually select the profiles by clicking on them individually (clicking anywhere on a profile except for the icons) or by choosing Select all Profiles in the Actions drop-down. A profile that has been selected will turn green.

3. Click the three horizontal lines icon in an eForm.

4. Click Sort profiles into Groups in the eForm Menu.

5. Select the group/s and click Save.

6. After you click on the Save button, the screen will refresh with a message prompt shown below that will appear for a few seconds. You can then go back to the home page by clicking the CareMonkey icon or "Home" or the name of your organisation at the upper part of the page.

7. Now you can check your group members by clicking anywhere on the eForm (not the icons).

8. Group members will display in the same spot of the dashboard.

9. You can select a Group Tag to run a report for a specific group. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines of an eForm 
  • Click on Generate Report. A page similar to below will appear. 
  • Click on Group Tag
  • Choose the group name
  • Choose any option under Select a Report (the example below shows "Profile Details") 
  • Click on the Display button.
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