Administrators can send an email to all Profile Owners to notify them about important updates or details. If the Administrator would like to avoid sending multiple emails to a Profile Owner who has more than one child enrolled with the Organisation, please follow these steps when sending an email:

1. For All Students or All Members group, hover your mouse over the group icon on the Organisation name and then click the menu icon (three horizontal lines). Choose View/Edit Group Details.

2. Choose Send Email on the left-hand side.

3. Enter a subject for the email and compose the message. An administrator also have an option to attach a file to the email. Simply hit the Choose File button to attach a file.

4. On the left hand side of the page, tick the box for Unique (only send once for parents with multiple members). Ticking this box would allow the system to send the email only once to a parent with more than one child.

5. Hit Preview and you will be redirected to another window that would allow you to review the message and attachment before sending the email.

6. Once you are done reviewing the email, click the Send button.

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