Below are the steps on how Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) can successfully accept and respond to an eForm Request:

1. Sign in to CareMonkey. You will see the eForm Request in the Requests section. Click the Respond button.

Please note that there are some Organisations who will require you to create and share the profile first before responding to an eForm. If you have not created or shared the profile yet, you will see Complete Profile and Respond button.

If you need help in creating and sharing the profile, please refer for these articles:

2. After selecting Respond, you will see the details of the eForm. After reading through the details and if you agree, you must sign the consent box at the bottom part of the page. You can sign by clicking the left button of your mouse and holding to draw. When you have finished signing, click Submit Response

Note: If you're currently unable to answer all the items, you can save your progress as a draft by clicking the Save for later button. When you're ready to finish it, you can simply get back to the eForm by doing step 1.

3. Congratulations! You have now consented an eForm Request. If you wish to double check your response, click on the name of the profile and select the eForm you'd like to see under the eForm section.

4. If you need to change your response, click the Change response button at the bottom of the page.  

5. You can also click on the edit icon found in the eForms section

NOTE: You're only allowed to accept and consent an eForm if it is still accepting responses. You cannot do this after the deadline. For cases like this, please coordinate with the Organisation and inform them about your new response

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