This article covers the following:

1. Creating an eForm

2. Adding Form Elements and Member Selection

3. Previewing the eForm

4. Enabling the eForm

1 - Creating an eForm

a. On the main CareMonkey Administrator screen, click the Add button in the eForms section.

b. You will then be presented with four options:

  • Start from an existing eForm: Select this option if you are creating a similar event to one that already exists. The content of the selected eForm will be copied across, and you can make changes to it instead of starting from scratch.
  • Start from an existing template: Select this option if you wish to start from a template. For more information about templates, please see How does an Administrator Create and Use eForm Templates? article.
  • Start from a built-in eForm template: Select this option if you want to use one of the built-in templates such as samples for Media Consent form and Permission form for Event.
  • Start from a blank eForm:  Select this option if you wish to start from scratch with a blank eForm. 

c. Enter a Title and Description.

d. Select an eForm type from the following:

  • Event: Choose this type if you are requiring a response and a signature acceptance for a member or participant to attend an event.
  • Custom Signed: This type also requires a response and signature acceptance from the member or participant. 
  • Custom Unsigned:  Choose this type if you need responses from member or participant but no signature is required.
  • Self-Service: This type of eForm is optional and made available to users to complete at any time. Examples are annual leave requests, field trip approval forms, incident reports, purchase requests and feedback forms.

e. Requires up to date Care Profile? (emergency contacts and medical data)

  • Yes: Profile owners will be asked to confirm that the profile is up to date before replying to the form. This will automatically add the member or participant to the Medical eForm.
  • No: Profile owners can respond to the form without creating the profile.

2 -  Adding Form Elements

a. There's a variety of form elements available for customisation. For a detailed explanation of each of the fields, please see this knowledge-base article What are the different eForm Question Types that an Administrator can use?. For this example, we will ask parents where they would like their child dismissed after the excursion.

b. Type in the "Question" and the relevant answer options. If more options are required, simply press the +  icon or the x icon to remove unnecessary answer option. 

c. Clicking on the Preview this Question will bring up a pop-up window displaying how the question will look. This is very useful when it is unclear what type of form element will be created.

d. Once the questions and answers have been created, it is possible to re-order them by clicking and dragging.

e. After re-arranging the two questions above, the eForm will show the screenshot below.

f. Once the questions have been ordered correctly, choose the members/profiles that will be added to the eform under the Member Selection section.

g. Click Save on the bottom of the screen and the next page is where the dates and various other options can be configured.


  • Clicking on the Enabled box will start sending the emails to the Care Profile Owners ((i.e., parents, club members, adult participants, employees, etc.). If you're not yet ready to send the eForm to the Care Profile owners, you can leave it unchecked. You can check it later once you're ready. 
  • If you wish to save this eForm as a template so it can be easily replicated in the future, simply click Save copy as a template in the menu on the left.

3 - Previewing the eForm

a. Once the configurations have been set, the next screen will show a preview of the completed eForm.

b. It is also possible to generate a sample email showing what the primary Care Profile Owners will receive by doing the following:

  • Click Send Test Email
  • Type your email address on the space provided
  • Click Send
  • Click the Done button to go back to the home page

4 - Enabling the eForm

In order for CareMonkey to send the eForm to the Care Profile owners, we need to "enable" the eForm.

a. Click on the three horizontal lines on the eForm.

b. Go to Settings tab and put a checkmark before the Enabled section, and then click on Save and Preview. You will be back on the Preview of the eform. Please hit Next and then Done.

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