Communications that Care Profile owners (i.e., parents, club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) receive from your organisation can be seen in the Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail contains:

  • Profile request emails
  • eForm requests
  • SMS messages sent
  • Carers who have viewed this profile
  • Current notification frequency and when the last reminder was sent

Here are the steps to see all communication records sent to the Care Profile Owners.

1. Login to CareMonkey.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines that correspond to the profile you would like to see the Audit Trail for.

3. Select View Audit Trail on the left hand menu

4. View the results. It will show all the past notifications sent, SMS messages sent and to which number and also a list of the carers that have viewed the profile. 

5. To see more information about a particular message, simply click on the Subject/Message.

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