A response to an eForm is always in one of three states.

  -  Not Responded (no questions have been answered)
Partially Responded (at least one question has been answered but not all)
Fully Responded (every question has been answered)

Generally, an eForm response can only be Fully Responded (since you must answer every mandatory question before submitting your answers).  However there are a number of circumstances where a fully responded response can become partially responded as follows:

After an eForm has been responded to, an administrator adds additional questions.

In this circumstance, any existing responses will move from Fully Responded to Partially Responded.  This is because the end-user has not seen or answered the new questions.  An end-user will not be notified when questions are added to an eForm and an administrator will need to manually notify respondents if they want the new questions answered.

One or more payments have been made on an eForm response but no other answers submitted.

This can occur when someone makes a payment when responding but does not answer any other questions and does not submit the answers.  If an eForm consists of just a payment element then making the payment will render the response as Fully Responded.

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