A self-service form is a type of eForm that is an optional and made available to users to complete at any time. Examples are Student Absence notification, Parent-Volunteer Registration, annual leave requests, field trip approval forms, incident reports, purchase requests and feedback forms.

If an Organisation has created any self-service form and it is made available to you, there will be a 'Form Library' link in your Care Central, where you can access and respond to a self-service form. Please follow these steps:

1. Login to CareMonkey.

2. At the top of the page, select Form Library.

3. Upon entering the Form Library, you will see what self-service forms you can submit for approval. Click on 'Start Form' to begin.

4. Fill in the required details on the form. If the form requires an approval, you may select who should be approving the form at the bottom of page. Then hit Submit Form.

NOTE: You can click Save for Later Submission if you are not yet done answering the other fields or questions. You can always go back to the Form Library to complete the form.

5. Upon completing the form, you should see your submission in the 'Form Library', with a status of 'Pending approval'. The approver will receive a notification of your submission and either approve or reject the form.

If the approver accepts the form, you should be all set. On the other hand, if the approver rejects the form, you can review the approver's note and re-submit the form again.

1. At the top of the page, select Form Library.

2. Upon entering the Form Library, go to the My Submissions section and look for the form that has been Rejected. Click View to check the notes from the approver.

3. Clicking Resubmit will allow you to edit your previously submitted form with any necessary amendments.

From here, you can then submit your form again. Good Luck!

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