Administrators can restore an archive eForm by following these steps:

1. Click on Reports/Archives icon on the lower left part of the page.

2. On the left-hand side menu, choose either View Member Archives or View Staff Archives.

3. You will redirected to the Archives section which consists of 3 sections.

      1st column shows all the archived Groups and e-Forms.
2nd column consists of the members (i.e. students, club members, participants, employees, etc.) of a group or an eForm that were selected from Section 1.
3rd column shows the details of the profile, group of eForm that you have selected.

4. Search and select the eForm that you'd like to restore under the "Archived eForms" list. For this sample, we will select 2018 Media Consent Form. The details shown on the 2nd column will be updated. It will show the profiles that were added to the form. 

Please note that the selected option will be highlighted in green.

5. Click "General Information about (eForm Title)" to view more details about the eForm.

6. The content of the eForm will be shown on the 3rd column. Scroll down and click the Restore from Archive button.

7. The eForm will be visible again in the eForm section and Forms Library.

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