Creating Form Categories will help you filter and find your forms in the CareMonkey Form Library. This is a helpful feature that would allow Administrators to manage and identify similar forms using colors. As a sample, you can use RED to identify forms for excursions or events and GREEN for policy forms.

Creating Form Categories

1. Click Settings icon on the lower left corner.

2. Choose Categories on the left-hand side menu.

3. You have an option to choose either Migrate Colours to Categories or New Category.

          a. Migrate Colours to Categories – Select this option if you are already using specific colours to identify your forms. The existing colors you are using for your forms will be migrated as categories.

          In this screenshot, there are 6 existing forms (including the Medical form) with different colors.

          After clicking Migrate Colours to Categories, the existing colours of the eforms shown in the previous screenshot is now listed as Form Categories. To edit the categories, please see "How to edit Form Categories?" article.

          b. New Category - Choose this option to create new categories to be applied to your existing and new forms.

               i. Enter a Name for the category.
               ii. Choose a colour.
               iii. In the Add Forms to this Category section, tick the boxes of the eforms that you would like to apply the new category.
               iv. Click Create Category to save the changes.

Using Form Categories

When creating a new eform, Administrators can select the category after entering a title of the eform. 

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