You can add an unlimited number of approval steps to a form. Each approval step will send an email notification to one or more people and request that they approve or reject a form that has been submitted by a user. Approvers will be reminded every 72 hours if they have outstanding approvals to accept or reject.

Approval steps are optional and added to a form in the form builder. 

Subsequent steps can happen at the same time or after a certain stage has been completed.

The Approving Group is a group of one or more people in the Staff tab (or Supervisors tab if the account is a business). Any of the people in an approving group can approve or reject the form.

Approvers can see approval requests in Care Central.

Once the approver clicks the 'Approve/Reject' button they will have visibility to the form and will be able to approve or reject the form. They also have the ability to add notes, for example, to explain why a form was rejected. 

The user who submitted the form will have visibility of the form and approval status.

Administrators also have visibility in the Form Library.

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